Coaching Industry: Global Opportunities, Market and Growth

Christian Monk
1 min readOct 12, 2021


A search for ‘Coaches’ world-wide over LinkedIn as of April 2020, gives over 6,280,000 results. A survey by ICF from 2009 estimated about 47,500 coaches worldwide which represent over 132 times (13,200%) growth in volume over the past decade.

Interesting, given how short the industry has been discovered.

Coaching first appeared on the scene approximately 20 years ago, gained considerable popularity in the last decade, and is now something that the majority of organisations are pursuing, particularly for their top talent.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the coaching supplier network is over-booming as well with an ocean of potential customers. So to succeed as a Coach nowadays, you need to know your market and its requirements well to know what to focus on, what to invest in as well as where your future lies — what are the growing trends to help you develop your brand.

And as a coaching client, it’s good to have an awareness of all these aspects to ensure you’re looking for and working with the most suitable people for yourself.